How Ordoline works

Ordoline aligners are nearly invisible, removable orthodontic appliances that move teeth in a thoroughly pre-planned manner. Aligners straighten teeth by applying gentle pressure that guides teeth into the correct position. They are usually changed every 10 days to achieve the next teeth movement until the end of the treatment.

Treatment process

Consultation and diagnostics

Register for a consultation at one of our certified Ordoline partner clinics. After diagnostics, your doctor will submit your case to the Ordoline doctor’s platform to receive a treatment plan.

  • Doctor consultation
  • Your data transfer to Ordoline centre

Treatment plan preparation

After receiving your data, Ordoline specialists will prepare an individual treatment plan and send it for your doctor’s verification. Upon your next visit, your doctor will inform you about the expected results, the exact duration of your treatment and will show the smile you will acquire at the end of your treatment.

  • Treatment plan preparation
  • Treatment plan and final results presentation

Preparation for the treatment and teeth straightening

During your next visit, your doctor will prepare you for the treatment, will apply all orthodontic add-ons required for effective treatment. Your doctor will then give you your first set of aligners and provide all the needed treatment instructions and guidelines. Every three to four months, you will need to come in for a regular check-up visit.

  • Preparation for the treatment
  • Delivery of aligners
  • Check up visits

Retention of straightened teeth

Once straightened, your teeth will be fixated in their final position by a retainer of your preference.

  • Retention of straightened teeth
  • Enjoy your new and improved smile!

Development of your individual treatment

Digital treatment plan is the key to an excellent result

A digital treatment plan

Development of your treatment starts with the creation of the digital treatment plan which is the foundation of aligner treatment. It's developed based on the data that the doctor gathers during your initial visit and later is used to produce your individual aligners.

Visual roadmap

The plan is like a roadmap that visually describes the entire treatment process, required teeth movements, and treatment duration to achieve desired results. It also shows the results patient will achieve by the end of the treatment.

Quality control

To ensure the highest treatment plan quality and instant applicability, Ordoline employs a double-control system. Treatment plans are thoroughly inspected by Ordoline team of orthodontic experts and only after their approval, the plan is sent to your doctor for the final verification.

Production of aligners

The production of aligners is a knowledge-intensive process

  • Models of teeth positions

    To produce aligners, firstly plastic models of your teeth position at every treatment stage are made. These models represent planned teeth movements and are used to produce individual aligners which will guide teeth into planned positions.

  • Aligner production

    Ordoline aligners are made from the PET-G thermoplastic polyester to produce allergy-free, nearly invisible, comfortable, and effective aligners.

  • Preparation

    At the Ordoline center, each aligner is carefully cut by the lines of your gums to prevent gum recession.


Ordoline partner doctors, orthodontists and digital technicians are involved in your treatment development.

  • Comfort assurance

    Aligners are hand-polished to ensure the highest wearing comfort.

  • Preparation for dispatch

    At the last production stage, your produced aligners are thoroughly inspected, packed, and are ready to be dispatched.